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The Illinois High School Association is implementing a rule, to be enforced in the fall 2016 girls’ volleyball season, that requires the libero to wear a different uniform from the other players on the team.

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Even though the change isn’t required until the 2016 season, many high school teams in Illinois are already in compliance with the new rules from the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). We haven’t conducted a survey or anything, but judging from the uniforms at the state tournament in Normal this weekend, it’s safe to say that many school are already in compliance.

A PowerPoint presentation is available from NFHS, here. Clicking on the link will cause the presentation, which provides high-level information about what the libero’s uniform may and may not look like, to be downloaded to your computer.

The libero position is relatively new. It was created so games emphasize exciting kills and digs. The libero ordinarily stays in the back row and is exempt from rotation requirements. As a result, the libero, chosen by the team before each game or tournament, is usually a defensive specialist.

For more information about the uniform rule change in the IHSA, consult their page, here. For more information about the libero position in volleyball, consult this page from or this page from

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