A month from today, tour the new Allegany H.S.

Allegany County Public Schools and the Board of Education will host a dedication ceremony for the new Allegany High School, 900 Seton Drive, Cumberland, Maryland, on Monday, August 20, beginning at 9:45 AM, the district announced.

Following a ribbon-cutting ceremony in the school’s main lobby, guided tours will be offered through the school. The ceremony is free and open to the public.

The new building will replace the current building on Sedgwick Street, which was built more than 90 years ago and has no air conditioning.

Although many decisions will take place in the coming months, the next likely step will be the board conveying ownership of the old school to Allegany County. The school might continue to use sports fields, though, and possibly the auditorium.

“We will continue to use the old school until the move is complete,” the Cumberland Times-News quoted Allegany County Superintendent David Cox as saying on Wednesday. “All of the teachers’ materials and equipment has been moved from the old school to the new, but there is still a lot of the furniture there.

“It’s our plan to retain the playing fields,” he added. “There is a football field and a baseball field there. Because there are so few fields, our plan is to keep our fields in possession of the school board. We have multiple activities that require space. We have freshman, JV, and senior sports. Having those fields will help.”

Cumberland Mayor Brian Grim told the paper he appreciates the school’s auditorium. “The gym is good and the auditorium—I’ve had many performers say it has great acoustics. I just don’t see the city operating that.”

The board isn’t likely to convey ownership of the school over to the county anytime soon, but whoever takes it over will have some expenses to meet in upgrading or demolishing it. “If there is a community need or use in the future, that will be dealt with,” Mr Cox was quoted as saying. “The heating in that building is complicated because it has been added on to so many times.”

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