Social Studies

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Nat’l Assoc. of Basketball Coaches files amicus brief in affirmative action case

The National Association of Basketball Coaches has filed an amicus (“friend of the Court”) brief with the US Supreme Court in the case of a white girl who was denied admission to the University of Texas, Austin, but says she was more qualified than many of the African-American students who were admitted, because the university uses race as one of the factors in deciding admission.

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K.C. school district seeks strip-search suit dismissal

A school district wants a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit brought by the mother of a female student who claims she was wrongfully strip-searched. The girl’s mother says her daughter was forced to lift up her shirt and bra, exposing herself in front of a school nurse and vice principal.

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Illinois court allows suit against abuser’s former school

The Illinois Supreme Court is allowing a lawsuit to proceed in which a student who was the victim of sexual abuse by a teacher in one district is suing that teacher’s previous district because they never told the district where she’s a student about the past sexual abuse history of that teacher. How would you decide? How would you advise schools to handle this case?