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Teachers’ strikes are illegal in most states

In case you’re wondering about the legality of teachers’ strikes, they are legal in Illinois and 12 other states. But that’s all, primarily because most state legislatures have put education on par with police and fire protection as essential services provided by government.

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Chicago teachers are still on strike

Chicago teachers are still on strike, the mayor plans to seek an injunction to get kids back in school, and the debate may not be soluble in the course of a labor negotiation. What else is new?

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Evergreen Park Dist 124 rumbles about a strike

Official summaries posted by Evergreen Park District 124 on its website suggest teachers in the K-8 district may be headed for a strike. The earliest date for a strike would be Sept. 28, the district estimates, but no final offers have been published as of this writing.

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Student fires gun at Normal Community HS

Normal (Ill.) Community High School had a shooting incident last Friday. No one was hurt, and the shooter has been charged with 16 counts of violence. Increased security is on the agenda, as it is in Baltimore County, where two incidents of gun violence in two weeks are worrying parents and students alike.

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Lake Forest HS teachers on strike

Lake Forest High School teachers are on strike this morning after negotiations late Tuesday night failed to produce an agreement on salary terms.