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Happiness is a choice, a top one, students declare

Happiness is, at least, as important as test scores and other accomplishments for schools and students. Here's the proof.

So was Christianity fake news?

In a time when fake news is getting some serious press, I can't help but wonder how organized religion came to our history.

Miss. school sparks the flame of success

A focus on attendance and investment by the community in the school's goals has helped one Miss. elementary turn around.

High school students need to study the fine arts

If you don't think fine arts programming is vital, ask a high school student. An IL student newspaper asked several, and here's what they heard.

Don’t make C.T.E. a case of ‘pep without purpose’

Career and technical education programs in high school are great: they serve a focused need for vocational training. Don't stop there.

The role of public schools, according to students

"What should the proper role of teachers and schools be in students' lives?" online publications ask actual kids.

Research shows … happiness is key

Why do so many teachers (and parents) think kids need to be "happy" all the time? Don't cry, but there are bigger fish to fry.

Classical composers’ creativity & the blues

Great composers were most creative during periods in their lives when they felt the greatest sadness, new economics research suggests.

Wake-up call coming with PARCC test results

The results from the PARCC tests are going to be bad, and opinion writers, ill-informed as they may be, are trying to warn us.

Variables defined in an equation to predict happiness

Scientists in London have discovered that happiness depends as much on our expectations as on how things are going.