Saturday, December 2, 2023

How to ask your date to Homecoming


In many schools, the ongoing pandemic has caused Homecoming activities, such as dances to be altered, moved outside, cancelled or indefinitely postponed again; but not everywhere, which gives high schoolers, once again, grand opportunities for creativity in inventing ways to ask their sweethearts to the annual Homecoming dance.

“From mock college commitment, covering a par in post-its and personalized musical performances, Homecoming asks are filling the Quad throughout the school day,” writes Allegra Drago at the Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles.

“I planned my ask a week in advance, making sure that I had enough people to volunteer to take their shirts off, but also get painted on,” she quoted one senior as saying. “I then had to ask [a teacher] if I could borrow some paint, and the rest was history. … I was so focused on the ask, that I wasn’t even able to comprehend what was going around me, but looking back at the photos and videos, it was pretty awesome to see so many people gathered around.”

After last fall’s cancellations, any HoCo at all is bound to be epic this year, writes Seventeen Magazine, which featured a list of 25 creative ways to ask your crush to the dance.

But for a really big list of ideas, Pinterest user Krystle Figgins has more than 100 photographs of collected ideas for asking your hopeful date to the dance.

If you do go to the dance, we ask that you remember, the rules of etiquette and acceptable behavior still apply. A few students at Prospect High School in Mt Prospect, Illinois, reported sexual misconduct on the dance floor at the school’s Homecoming dance last month, according to a report in the student newspaper.

It may be the first Homecoming dance in two years, but that is not a reason to disrespect fellow students.

Paul Katula
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