Saturday, September 23, 2023

5-foot lake-effect snowfall in western New York


More than five feet of lake-effect snow fell on western New York, closing schools in Buffalo and in other communities for several days, WGRZ-TV (NBC affiliate) reports.

Local schools were closed for Monday—at least.

The Buffalo Public Schools, responding to feedback from the community, decided to keep schools closed through Wednesday, releasing the following statement:

We’ve heard extensive feedback on our initial decision to open schools tomorrow. In fairness to our parents, staff, and community we listened to concerns shared and conducted a re- evaluation of the safety challenges facing our students, families, and staff due to the recent historic winter storm and massive snowfall.

As a result, the Buffalo Public Schools has decided to close schools and offices on Wednesday, November 23rd for all students and staff for the sake of safety.

Schools weren’t the only organizations affected by the snowstorm. Because the snow could not be removed, the NFL moved a Buffalo Bills game to another city.

The lake-effect snow kept coming for several days, resulting in snowfall records over 6 feet in some areas, CNN reported. Officials in some areas prohibited road travel.

“Thank you for just following the directions, staying off the roads, and as a result, all the major thoroughfares are open now in western New York and the north country, with some limitation,” the network quoted New York Gov Kathy Hochul as saying.

UPDATE: The region is accustomed to lake-effect snow, though, and dug out within a few days, the New York Times reports. The storm shattered a 24-hour snowfall record by dumping 21.5 inches of snow on Saturday, November 20. The previous record was 7.6 inches on November 19, 2014.
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