Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Mont. scholarship fund excludes religious schools

Can a state send money to religious schools? Well, it's complicated. For certain purposes, yes; SCOTUS will define it a little more this term.

Chicagoans march for life during shutdown

Both sides of the abortion debate showed up for the annual March for Life in Chicago. A student reflects on her participation.

The case against gerrymandering in Maryland

Redrawing congressional district lines is bound to be a high priority for Maryland legislators this year, given a Supreme Court case.

TX backs expulsion for not standing during pledge

A Texas student who was expelled for not standing during the pledge is suing the school for violating her free speech rights.

Student thrown in jail who opposed a school policy

A student was arrested and put in jail for speaking out against a school policy; he was charged with harassment.

Parents in Maine sue for religious school tuition

Some districts in Me. don't have a high school, so schools reimburse parents for outside tuition. But not for religious schools.

Hononegah student sues school over free speech

An IL h.s. student filed a lawsuit against her school, saying officials bullied her into not stating her case for the 2nd Amendment.

Janus decision is a blow to public schools

A decision by the US Supreme Court could affect the ability of teachers' unions to negotiate on behalf of rank-and-file teachers.

5 shot dead at a Naptown newspaper

Five people who worked at a newspaper in Maryland's capital of Annapolis were shot dead Thursday, based on a grudge.

Lake Zurich offers a self-defense class

A self-defense class at an IL h.s. will help to prepare juniors and seniors for their 1st year away at college, a dangerous time.