Saturday, September 19, 2020
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DeVos says she won’t block Title IV-A funds for guns

Should the feds prevent schools from using funds intended for one purpose to purchase guns to arm teachers?

Hononegah student sues school over free speech

An IL h.s. student filed a lawsuit against her school, saying officials bullied her into not stating her case for the 2nd Amendment.

5 shot dead at a Naptown newspaper

Five people who worked at a newspaper in Maryland's capital of Annapolis were shot dead Thursday, based on a grudge.

Student-led marches about guns sweep the nation

The gun-themed March for Our Lives took place in dozens of cities across America (and the world), incl. Washington.

Students step into the gun debate with a song

Students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS have composed an original song promising to stand tall forever and "shine."

Students walk out in protest over gun laws

A massive student protest across America underscored the desire on their part to reconsider the nation's gun laws.

Trump listens; parents & students talk school safety

Students and parents met with the president today to keep him informed about school safety and the need to something this time.

A message to Trump on Presidents’ Day

The New York Times has published an op-ed written by a student at Stoneman Douglas H.S. It's a message about gun safety.

13 school-related shootings reported this month

School-related shootings involve the firing of a gun in or near a school, college, university, or school bus. Getting worse.

Amid hate incident uptick, U.Md. hires coordinator

Hate bias incidents are reportedly on the rise at Maryland's flagship university. Why? What can or should be done?