Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Most detailed images ever of the sun

A new telescope at the National Solar Observatory snapped the most detailed pictures of the sun's surface we have ever seen.

Mercury makes a transit; next in 2032

A transit of Mercury occurred today and was visible from the US, provided you had sunny skies. It was one of longest possible transits.

Saturn has the most moons. Wanna name them?

20 new moons were discovered around Saturn, now the planet with the most moons. Contest to name the new ones.

Lunar occultation of Venus occurred today

Under cold, cold skies, when they're clear, people could see the moon, Venus, and Jupiter lining up for a nice show.

A scientist says maybe Pluto’s a planet after all

New research suggests that the reason Pluto lost its status as a planet may not be a valid reason. At least some scientists think so.

Total lunar eclipse occurs on Jan. 31

The lunar eclipse Wednesday before sunrise will be a rare event. Not as rare as some on social media claim. But rare enough.

Michigan residents see a meteor come to Earth

A meteor sent fragments of meteorites to Earth last week in Michigan; it was a dazzling fireball display of nature.

Hawking: Let’s send a spacecraft to Alpha Centauri

With a doom-and-gloom message, Stephen Hawking told a summit meeting in China that we should send a spaceship to our nearest star.

Our observatory schedule for November 2017

Here's our observatory's plan for viewing in November, in our ongoing quest to photograph the constellations from Md., IL.

What stars you might see during the eclipse

Will you be taking any "artistic" photos during the eclipse. Getting some great shots of the sky could require specialized lenses.