Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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We Congratulate the ‘Social Media’ Class of 2023

Big social media emerged when this year's graduates were born; smartphones got big when they were 7. Depression predictably followed.

Weight loss should not be goal of P.E.

Staying active, rather than weight loss, should be the goal of physical education classes in school. a U. of Ga. study suggests.

Body shaming affects young people & can kill them

Body shaming and a negative body image can lead to depression, which can lead to other mental health issues, such as suicide.

Hinsdale art tilts toward today’s troubles

An art show at Hinsdale Central put a lot of work, and emotion, in the creations. It made quite an impression, as many pieces dealt with contemporary issues.

Body image issues linked to teen alcohol use

High school girls who have issues with body image and weight are more likely to be drinkers than ) their peers, a recent U.S. study suggests.