Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Distracted learning can be a big problem

Distractions can impair learning, drawing resources from the same brain regions as the mastery of course material. What to do?

Exercise harder, remember more

Scientists have found that the more vigorously you exercise, the stronger the response in the brain that helps your memory.

Mice shed light on mental health, kids, COVID

The pandemic has forced many of us into isolation, which can lead to loneliness and other mental health concerns, especially for young people.

Monkeys beat humans in cognitive flexibility

When we go about solving problems, we are sometimes so fixed in our ways that we fail to explore more efficient solution strategies.

Cerebellum less involved than thought in dyslexia

Treatments, such as wobble blocks, that focus on the cerebellum in certain forms of dyslexia, may be ineffective.

No downside for colleges recruiting middle schoolers

The brain parts that make decisions aren't fully developed in 6th graders, so why do colleges ask them to make decisions that affect their lives?

Brain games may have no effect

Can you play "brain games" and increase your cognitive abilities? Probably not, a team of Canadian researchers believes.

In music performance, can you improvise or not?

The brain shows differential electrical activity between musicians who can improvise and those who, well, can't. Like me.

Check letter spacing to help kids learn to read

How can the spacing of letters in words be used to help young children who are having difficulty learning to read?

Dim light can make animals dumb

The neurons in the brain make fewer connections in dim light, but they recover quickly after bright light returns.