Monday, August 10, 2020
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21st century needs collaborative problem solving

Few schools teach (formally, at least) one of the most important 21st-century skills: collaborative problem solving.

Joppatowne C.T.E. explores homeland security science

Homeland security needs many scientists & technicians due to heightened vigilance. High schools are preparing students.

Trump signs 1st major education law

A new law underscores the president's hope to "develop the workforce" in the nation's "booming economy." 1st major ed bill signed.

LEAF internships bring city students to nature

A paid internship at the Nature Conservancy exposes city students to environmental careers. 22 years running.

Finding ‘your passion’ may not be the best advice

Recent research studies suggest that in an increasingly interdisciplinary world, "finding your passion" isn't as good as "developing" it.

Male success stereotypes undermine women’s interest

Why are women underrepresented in certain fields, and why do they have less interest in certain careers? Society could be to blame.

New business curriculum: MAGA, #MeToo, NFL, Uber

Responding to popular protests, mistreating women, and acknowledging a growth culture are being hastily added to business curricula in the US.

Tech leaders, all female, say change is needed

There's more to equality than the number of women promoted in technology-related careers or companies; end sexism.

Coloring is OK, but it’s not really art therapy

Coloring can help relieve stress & make people feel better; art therapists help patients build relationships & grow internally.

A word on Al Franken and Donald Trump #MeToo

Some appreciation for the nuance of attraction is required as we hear about case after case of powerful men taking advantage of women.