Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Worst Calif. wildfire season in decades

Wildfires in what could be one of Calif.'s worst autumns ever have destroyed structures, including schools, killed people, and mass evacuations.

Weather extremes envelop the Earth

Extreme weather (drought and heat in the summer, cold in the winter) sweeps the planet. A result of climate change?

U.S. tornado alley expands eastward

Research has detected a pattern in the occurrence of tornadoes related to climate change: 'Tornado Alley' is expanding.

Tornadoes after Florence rip through central Virginia

Hurricane Florence and remnants thereof have left broad sections of the Carolinas and Virginia reeling in the aftermath.

Typhoon Mangkhut, Hurricane Florence are deadly

North Carolina and Hong Kong are in tatters in the wake of deadly storms: Florence in the US and Mangkhut in HK.

Climate change bad for environment & kids’ health

Kids are vulnerable to climate change due to environmental pollution (floods, droughts, & heatwaves trigger humanitarian disasters).

Pulitzer Center creates climate change lesson plans

Lesson plans at all levels, from the Pulitzer Center in partnership with The New York Times, help share info about climate change.

Much of the internet could soon be under water

The physical internet—cables, data centers, etc.—is threatened in coastal cities: climate change & rising sea levels could drown it.

NASA says 2017 was 2nd-hottest year on record

Earth's climate is changing, and temperatures, especially in the Arctic, are getting hotter—by about 1°C since the 1950s.

Weather alerts and school cancellations in US, Europe

Wintry weather, esp. extreme cold, has caused traffic accidents and resulted in school closures across the Northern Hemisphere.