Friday, September 18, 2020
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Girl in England talks exam-based depression in teens

Exams are tough and they cause teenagers stress—not just in the US, but in England as well, where the kids have a higher stake in the tests.

Can DeVos and privatization be stopped?

The public school privatization argument is worth talking about—if only to bust the myth that it will solve all our problems. It won't even come close.

States can do more to protect student-athletes

A new study shows, again, that states aren't doing enough to protect student-athletes from heat exhaustion during summer workouts.

How to keep summer long and strong

Let summer be summer, and don't start school too early to cut it short, writes a columnist in Naperville, IL.

Girls just as good at math as boys

Are there not enough girls, unnaturally, in STEM-related fields? Different STEM-related people are weighing in, and we wonder to what end?

Ga. Eagle Scout-to-be builds a marching band tower

Marching band brings benefits to students and is a powerful formative tool in instruction: academically and non-academically.

Public can often use school facilities: track, pool, etc.

Do you know if you can use the facilities, such as a running track or swimming pool, at your local high school? Many schools across the country allow it.

DeVos, Ivanka Trump talk STEM for girls

Is there a shortage of girls going into STEM-related careers? Maybe there was at one point, but it has largely disappeared these days.

Do young people squander learning opportunities?

Teens sure do use technological devices a lot. The question is: What are they learning from them? And how can teachers learn what they're learning?

Poet can’t answer test questions on own poem

A prolific poet found out 2 of her poems were selected for a standardized test, and she was bewildered when she couldn't answer the questions about them.