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Hopkins depression literacy training helps some teens

A curriculum developed at Johns Hopkins Univ. in Baltimore, supporting kids who speak up about depression, shows some promise.

Teen anxiety more likely with less sleep

If you get less sleep, say because school starts too early in the morning, you're more likely to have anxiety. Are there other causes for teen anxiety?

Girl in England talks exam-based depression in teens

Exams are tough and they cause teenagers stress—not just in the US, but in England as well, where the kids have a higher stake in the tests.

Students at top colleges talk less about mental health

Students who attend more selective schools and those who attend schools attended mostly by women post more about mental health issues.

Birds linked to reduction in stress, depression

The number of birds in your neighborhood and the amount of time you spend outdoors in the sunshine is linked to stress & depression.

Serotonin, seasonal depression, & the Carolina sun

During winter when the days get shorter, some people experience a form of depression known as seasonal affective disorder. It's about brain chemistry.

Gamers get less depressed if they have friends

If teens have strong friendships, they tend not to get as depressed as their lonely peers if they play video games for hours every day.

Shooting, gang violence lead to PTSD

Many people, especially women, who experience trauma and violence in their neighborhoods, develop PTSD and depression, a Northwestern U. study suggests.

Daily clock disturbances linked to despair

Despair, feelings of hopelessness, and depression are just some of the symptoms that result from a disturbance in the circadian rhythms of mice.

Movie review: The Edge of Seventeen

The nuances of the relationships in this high school coming of age movie take the genre to a new level: it's sensitive, loving, and true.