Monday, September 25, 2023
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On the DeSantis Presidential Bid

The presidential race is rolling, and we begin our coverage this summer with Gov Ron DeSantis, Republican of Florida.

Busing woes in Md., acquisitions in IL

The issue of busing children brings debate, protest, and some surprising innovations and star players to schools.

Are music’s biggest awards stuck in the past?

The Grammys awarded a female elementary music teacher the Music Educator Award; otherwise, the awards disappointed.

Delinquent behaviors reduced by diversity, inclusion

By looking at delinquent behavior among students, a new study out of Calif. suggests it's important to recruit (and keep) minority teachers.

New Trier to conduct racism workshops for students

A few people say a day of seminars and workshops at a predominantly white school near Chicago doesn't include enough "conservative" voice.

Do rainbow signs at Yorktown promote equality?

Bumper sticker-length slogans, even those that promote equality and diversity, don't belong in an institution of learning, like a high school in Arlington, Va.

Diversity managers at colleges are thought police

We are breeding a new variety of thought police, going by the name of "diversity officer" at our universities. Wrong-minded idea gone haywire.

US teen beauty becomes standardized

The Miss Teen USA pageant showed that, sometimes, standardized qualities, like teen beauty, pay off; they don't in other cases, though.