Friday, July 3, 2020
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Feds boost Bay funding

Restoration efforts in the Chesapeake Bay watershed received a boost in federal funding in the budget Congress passed last month.

Racial tensions rise at Md. football games

If you somehow thought the election of Barack Obama would bring a decline in racism, you were wrong. So wrong.

DoDEA diverts school dollars to build The Wall

The building of a border wall is controversial, but now that Trump is diverting school funds to build it, we definitely have an opinion.

President calls on U.S. to ‘pass school choice’

As expected, very little was said about education in the State of the Union address, & even less about DACA and school safety.

‘It’s about time,’ tweets Hogan

Students in Maryland, where so many furloughed federal workers live, write about the effects of the shutdown.

Study links middle school bullying, Trump votes

An unusual pattern emerged in bullying when researchers cross-referenced it with regions that voted for Trump.

Trump proposal: fund a wall, extend DACA

Trump said his "compromse" deal would protect DACA recipients and fund a wall in an effort to improve border security.

Chicagoans march for life during shutdown

Both sides of the abortion debate showed up for the annual March for Life in Chicago. A student reflects on her participation.

Envt. is killing kids in an Ind. Trump county

As Trump tries to rollback environmental regulation, some supporters and foes are pushing in the opposite direction.

How to keep overconfidence from becoming arrogance

The idea of plausible deniability, by making wild claims about future events, as with the president, is how confidence can be punished.