Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Feds boost Bay funding

Restoration efforts in the Chesapeake Bay watershed received a boost in federal funding in the budget Congress passed last month.

Fox Island disappears in the Chesapeake

An island that has provided some environmental education for many is being lost to rising sea levels in the Chesapeake Bay.

Envt. is killing kids in an Ind. Trump county

As Trump tries to rollback environmental regulation, some supporters and foes are pushing in the opposite direction.

U.S. tornado alley expands eastward

Research has detected a pattern in the occurrence of tornadoes related to climate change: 'Tornado Alley' is expanding.

Pulitzer Center creates climate change lesson plans

Lesson plans at all levels, from the Pulitzer Center in partnership with The New York Times, help share info about climate change.

It’s been a rainy July

Rain, rain, and more rain. The flooding all this rain has brought could set recovery efforts in the Chesapeake Bay back a bit.

LEAF internships bring city students to nature

A paid internship at the Nature Conservancy exposes city students to environmental careers. 22 years running.

In the great outdoors, students learn science better

Outdoor instruction with exploration built in has yielded results that beat learning in a classroom, new research out of Norway suggests.

Is coal clean? The president says it is.

Coal's not as clean as Pres. Trump tried to convince us it was, but we're making progress in cutting some pollutants from coal.

US to stop prosecuting accidental bird deaths

Pres. Trump's Interior Dept. has issued new findings saying that the accidental killing of birds from industrial activity will be considered OK.