Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Weird things this polar vortex brought

Unusual things have happened during the polar vortex that sent temps in the Midwest plummeting to well below zero.

Chicagoans march for life during shutdown

Both sides of the abortion debate showed up for the annual March for Life in Chicago. A student reflects on her participation.

Student thrown in jail who opposed a school policy

A student was arrested and put in jail for speaking out against a school policy; he was charged with harassment.

Companies often fire workers for social media posts

Public schools play by different rules than companies do when it comes to the hiring and firing of employees. Be careful.

Suspended for a class video, student sues Dist. 155

Free speech is the issue: Can a student post a video made during an AP Government class? Even if the mayor is speaking?

Students mark Banned Books Week 2017

When communities rise up and challenge our libraries' right to carry certain books, the community challenges the 1st Amendment, a student explains.

U. Balto. president troubled by ‘disinvited’ speakers

US Ed. Sec'y Betsy DeVos was invited to speak at the U. of Balto., and students protested that invitation with a walkout and a rally yesterday.

Religious, political diversity is united at U.Va.

As a prominent U.Va. dept. repudiates the violence of white supremacy, other writers compare Trump to the Indian prime minister.

When political violence goes to college

Violence on college campuses isn't anything new, but when it brings a dose of white supremacy, colleges sometimes can't deal with it.

Trump suggests military action in Venezuela

The US has, once again, rattled its sabre, this time at Venezuela, a struggling dictatorship in South America that's getting help from Russian oil.