Saturday, September 19, 2020
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What happened after a coach disarmed a student

In Oregon last May, a high school coach saw a student carrying a gun and disarmed him. Now we know what happened next.

New laws now in effect in Md., Fla.

Several laws took effect on Oct. 1, incl. an increase in the age to buy tobacco in Md, & a law that allows Fla. teachers to carry guns.

President calls on U.S. to ‘pass school choice’

As expected, very little was said about education in the State of the Union address, & even less about DACA and school safety.

Lawsuit might stop Ohio school from arming teachers

The wisdom of arming teachers in our classrooms is still a hot debate, but school boards still have to follow state and federal laws.

DeVos says she won’t block Title IV-A funds for guns

Should the feds prevent schools from using funds intended for one purpose to purchase guns to arm teachers?

Students at South Carroll examine mental illness

Safety is on students' minds, but we can't let those who threaten schools because of mental illness stop us from helping others.

Md. bill would put armed SRO in every school

Would it make schools safer or friendlier places to learn if there were an armed police officer (SRO) in every school?

Student-led marches about guns sweep the nation

The gun-themed March for Our Lives took place in dozens of cities across America (and the world), incl. Washington.

Putnam spellers & Md. students head to Washington

The school safety or gun control issue can't even stay away from a musical about a spelling bee on a high school stage in Maryland.

Students walk out over gun and safety issues

Student protests over gun violence and school safety occurred in the US Wednesday, with students walking out for 17 mins.