Saturday, April 17, 2021
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27 ways heat waves can kill you

Heat is dangerous, and doctors in Hawaii have identified 27 different mechanisms it can kill you during more frequent summer heat waves.

The weather inside a Baltimore classroom: 102°F

It's too hot in at least 1 Baltimore City h.s. for kids to stay focused and learn. The Baltimore Sun has the story in today's edition.

States can do more to protect student-athletes

A new study shows, again, that states aren't doing enough to protect student-athletes from heat exhaustion during summer workouts.

Corn sweat at the center of summer heat

Evapotranspiration, mainly from corn, has combined with other moisture in the air to make for a hot & muggy summer in the Midwest.

Football practice in the southwestern heat

A strong heat wave in southern California and Arizona follows one in Texas earlier this week, and football teams have to adjust.