Saturday, September 18, 2021
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No Howard Co. juniors face required redistricting

Howard Co., Md., faces not only overcrowding but wide gaps in terms of socioeconomic status of families at its diverse schools.

Teacher ed leaders take stand against quackery

A report released by hundreds of deans and other leaders of teacher colleges across the country says counterproductive forces are at work.

Maybe we turned a corner in empowering women

The #MeToo movement isn't over yet, not by a long shot. Everywhere, including in high schools, women and men are just starting to get it.

Tech leaders, all female, say change is needed

There's more to equality than the number of women promoted in technology-related careers or companies; end sexism.

Penn. school funding fight can proceed to trial

A nationally famous school funding case can proceed to trial, the Penn. Supreme Court ruled. The decision could affect schools everywhere.

ACT achievement gap (poverty) worse than feared

ACT data from the graduating class of 2016 show a wide achievement gap between white/Asian students and those from low-income familes. Anybody care?

Opaque leggings now OK at Evanston Twp.

Should schools prohibit girls from wearing leggings? If so, what does that say about equality of the sexes in our public schools?

‘This Week’ in the IL school funding mess

School funding in IL has a due date tomorrow, and it still seems to be in limbo at the center of mostly bipartisan politics and games.

Living in poverty adversely affects education

The Great Recession brought poverty to many families that were not living in poverty prior to 2008, a new study has shown.

IL needs to pass a state budget and quick

The state of Illinois has failed to pass a budget, and schools are drawing on reserves and finding other ways to cut expenses—just to stay open.