Monday, May 10, 2021
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Mental health care on the rise on campus

Mental health diagnoses and treatment of college students increased substantially between 2007 and 2017; a meta-analysis.

Students at South Carroll examine mental illness

Safety is on students' minds, but we can't let those who threaten schools because of mental illness stop us from helping others.

More counselors, student voice sought in Montgomery

School counselors provide valuable services for students, including mental health and college counseling. More are needed in 1 Md. district.

Bullying affects more than report cards

Bullying can affect more than academic performance, though its effects there have been documented. It can lead to suicide if not addressed.

Gamers get less depressed if they have friends

If teens have strong friendships, they tend not to get as depressed as their lonely peers if they play video games for hours every day.

Boy drew lynching, has to take mental health exam

Creativity takes a blow, and teachers who expect students to be artistic should be better trained or more qualified to evaluate that artistic output.

Chronic violence puts kids at a disadvantage

Kids living in poverty have a harder time coping with violence in their lives than their more affluent counterparts. That makes school tough.

Concern grows over recent cluster of child suicides

3 suicides in IL in 3 weeks, and officials are concerned that we are not paying enough attention to the signs of depression.