Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Why Republicans should oppose Betsy DeVos

The Senate could vote to confirm Betsy DeVos as education secretary as early as Feb. 7. Here's what they will get.

Sociologists look at why NCLB reauth failed

Can it help us going forward to study some of the reasons we failed in the past? Sure, and some Ind. U. scientists are trying to do just that.

Feds: IL broke the law on PARCC test last year

There's more to the story about Illinois dropping the PARCC tests for high school students next year, after using the tests for the last two years.

Dr. Ben Carson writes prescription for education

The education plan put forth by the Republican presidential candidate earlier this month has a few holes and inconsistencies.

Opinion: Stats go too far in medicine & education

Statistics can be useful in measuring student achievement and growth, but there are other aspects of school that are far more important and on point.

Conn. to withhold funding from opt-out schools

States have been asked, by the US Dept of Ed, to deal with opt-outs, and Conn. plans to make withholding funds part of the state's strategy.

President signs ESSA; NCLB falls; era ends

The bipartisan compromise bill, Every Student Succeeds Act (S.1177), was signed into law this morning by President Barack Obama.

ESEA compromise sails through conference

A rewrite of NCLB sailed through a conference committee last week, aimed at a compromise law that has received strong bipartisan support.

Feds call for limits on testing in schools

The Obama administration will issue guidance to reduce the amount of standardized testing schools put kids through for accountability.

Senate passes ESEA reauthorization; arts are core

The Senate approved S.1177, the Every Child Achieves Act, 81-17, and the narrowing of the curriculum under NCLB inches toward an end.