Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Loan forgiveness gains some bipartisan support

One Republican from GA, who used to work under Betsy DeVos at the US Education Dept, offers a plan to forgive some student loan debt.

No downside for colleges recruiting middle schoolers

The brain parts that make decisions aren't fully developed in 6th graders, so why do colleges ask them to make decisions that affect their lives?

Federal student aid still OK under shutdown

The federal government could remain (partially) shut down for several days, but student aid for college is generally unaffected.

IL hosts a violinist, a refugee from Syria

Thoughts turn to a Syrian violinist in Illinois, as Nikki R Haley announces she'll resign as US ambassador to the UN.

Linganore plays hard to beat Edgewood

The Lancers of Linganore HS (Frederick, Md.) beat a talented Edgewood team, despite a D1 recruit on the other side of the ball.

Football players trade brain damage for scholarships

Many kids continue to play football in hopes of getting a college scholarship, despite well-documented brain injuries that often result.

Hogan looks to help students pay for college

Will Md. become the 2nd state to make it tuition-free for students to attend a 4-year state college? It depends.

Tuition calculation is complicated at universities

At the Univ of IL, as at many large universities, the price of tuition depends to some degree on what your major is.

On the Miss America email scandal

Vulgar emails about women's body parts have scandalized the Miss America pageant (I mean, scholarship competition).

Want trumps need as Congress passes tax reform

The new tax law passed, and most Americans can be expected to get a few more dollars every paycheck. What will it cost us?