Monday, August 3, 2020
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On the Naperville BWW racist incident

A racist incident at a Naperville, IL, sports bar indicates that the threads of racism are strong, perhaps as strong as ever.

Racial tensions rise at Md. football games

If you somehow thought the election of Barack Obama would bring a decline in racism, you were wrong. So wrong.

Busing woes in Md., acquisitions in IL

The issue of busing children brings debate, protest, and some surprising innovations and star players to schools.

Study links middle school bullying, Trump votes

An unusual pattern emerged in bullying when researchers cross-referenced it with regions that voted for Trump.

Racism lingers despite some positive signs

Racism and discrimination, whatever euphemism we decide to call it, will never disappear from America, opines one student.

Obituary: Linda, of Brown v. Board of Ed.

The schoolgirl whose father is the named plaintiff in a landmark court case about segregation died Sunday at the age of 75.

Asheville School marks 50 years of racial integration

Racial integration (& school desegregation) have a long history in the US; the #MeToo movement is just starting up by comparison.

School shuts down over racist graffiti

A project by ProPublica seeks to reliably record hate-related crimes and incidents around the country. Schools can help.

Alabama elects a Democratic senator

The next US senator from Alabama, one of the nation's reddest states, is Doug Jones, a Democrat, who won in an upset, to Trump's dismay.

Misconstrued photo leads to Barrington H.S. lawsuit

A lawsuit alleging defamation of character has been filed by 6 IL girls against their high school district, the principal, & supt.