Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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On the DeSantis Presidential Bid

The presidential race is rolling, and we begin our coverage this summer with Gov Ron DeSantis, Republican of Florida.

K-3 teachers who ‘Say Gay’ in Fla. may lose license

The Florida State Board of Education approved a rule that could take licenses away from K-3 teachers who violate a new state law.

Banned Books Week, Sept. 18-24, 2022

Banned Books Week has new significance this year, as everyone in education, from teachers to school boards, hears about inappropriate books.

Tragic Covid-related deaths in Florida’s Polk Co.

Despite deaths from Covid among school staff members in Florida, Gov Ron DeSantis continues to penalize school officials who want mask mandates.

Florida district court reinstates mask mandate ban

in Fla., the governor has banned mask mandates by local school boards, claiming that he is fighting for parents' rights.

Fla. schools must plan to catch remote students up

Schools in Fla. must offer families a choice of continued e-learning through next semester. More choices must be offered if students fall behind.