Friday, August 7, 2020
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President calls on U.S. to ‘pass school choice’

As expected, very little was said about education in the State of the Union address, & even less about DACA and school safety.

Gunshots hit Niles North after basketball game

Shots rang out outside a basketball game Friday in Skokie, IL. No one injured, no one arrested, some damage to the school.

Wildfires consume 100s of Southern Calif. buildings

Wild fires are raging around Los Angeles, causing school officials to close several schools & offer advice about staying safe.

What adults think of kids’ health today

Adults today don't think kids are as healthy as those in their own generation back in the day, citing obesity, safety, bullying, etc.

Hate crimes alleged in McHenry Co., across U.S.

On bullying black, Latino, gay, or any other category of human that predestines them to a life of being afraid, are Americans really stuck?

Was E. St. Louis football negligent about brain injury?

Former football player at E. St. Louis HS: coach & district were negligent in 2008, causing him to suffer permanent brain damage.

Chicago Hope Acad. wins another game by forfeit

Citing safety concerns amid Chicago violence, a 2nd school has forfeited a football game scheduled against Hope Academy.

Man jumps on hood of a middle school bus

Student video shows a man jumping on the hood of a Baltimore Co. bus & demanding to board it. A student may have thrown something at him.

1 game interrupted by gunfire, next 1 cancelled

Tonight's football game at Chicago Hope Academy has been cancelled out of concern for the safety of players, fans, and school staff.

Rauner vetoes the cursive writing bill

The IL gov. vetoed an unfunded mandate that would have required 5th graders to be taught at least 1 unit on cursive writing.