Friday, September 18, 2020
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Distance learning begins as Covid-19 thrives

What we learn during & from coronavirus, a challenging & imminent crisis, will provide insights into so many aspects of our lives.

Illinois temporarily closes all schools

IL schools will be closed on Tuesday, March 17, through at least March 30. Schools in 18 states are now closed due to coronavirus.

Coronavirus closures & cancellations

Many schools are closed and sports tournaments cancelled across America during what the president called a national emergency: coronavirus.

Coronavirus closes schools in Seattle

The coronavirus pandemic has caused colleges to cancel classes, and now Seattle Public Schools became the nation's first large district to cancel classes due to the virus.

This is NOT the coldest it’s ever been

It's cold out there, but not quite the coldest it's ever been, however tempted you may be to use superlatives now & then.

Evacuations, closings, and delays in the Carolinas

Hurricane Florence makes landfall near Wilmington, NC. Evacuations and power outages are the first signs of danger.

Schools on the Gulf Coast close due to Gordon

A tropical storm, expected to increase to a Category 1 hurricane by Tuesday night, closes several schools in MS, AL, FL.

Can science students design a school building?

School buildings that are old or dysfunctional need replacing everywhere. Some students in Wash. are a part of the solution.

Weather alerts and school cancellations in US, Europe

Wintry weather, esp. extreme cold, has caused traffic accidents and resulted in school closures across the Northern Hemisphere.

It’s cold in these Baltimore schools

Students were sent home Wed., as many Baltimore City schools are cold; heating systems in some of them have failed.