Monday, October 26, 2020
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2 dead, 3 wounded in Calif. school shooting

Another school shooting has resulted in the death of 2 California high school students. The suspect shot himself and is in custody.

Hall monitor injured in Baltimore school shooting

A staffer was shot Friday at a Baltimore high school; no students were injured, but the school was locked down.

Cops don’t stop & talk to kids, kids start shooting

After a school shooting, which may be on the increase, the students at the school eventually return and go on with their lives.

Mattoon IL school shooter waives jury trial

A 15-year-old boy accused of firing a gun and injuring a student in September has waived his right to a trial by jury.

Principals call on DeVos not to abandon students

The nation's principals would like it if the US Ed. Dept. would listen more to students and stop abandoning them.

Student-led marches about guns sweep the nation

The gun-themed March for Our Lives took place in dozens of cities across America (and the world), incl. Washington.

Students walk out over gun and safety issues

Student protests over gun violence and school safety occurred in the US Wednesday, with students walking out for 17 mins.

Would arming teachers help?

Can we come up with a multi-faceted approach that could eventually lead to a way to cut down on school shooting deaths?

Trump listens; parents & students talk school safety

Students and parents met with the president today to keep him informed about school safety and the need to something this time.

A student from S.C. writes to Stoneman Douglas

Students from across the nation are responding to the shooting in Fla. last week. Love, laws, and acceptance are called for.