Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Teacher Shortages, Retention, and Retirement

The end of the school year brings teacher retirements & student graduations. A teacher is remembered at a Catholic school near Baltimore.

Teacher turnover intentions & work environment linked

More autonomy and more positive experiences at work could reduce teacher burnout and turnover.

School staffing outlook is poor right now

Following the pandemic, what looks like a nationwide teacher and bus driver shortage is causing some schools to take a new approach.

Peril on the picket line in Columbus teacher strike

Teachers in Columbus, Ohio, went on strike Monday, and the strike is expected to last at least through Wednesday, the 1st day of school.

Bus routes suffer amid driver shortages

A nationwide shortage of bus drivers is causing confusion, missed pick-ups, and frustration for parents.

IL makes transition easier for out-of-state teachers

IL took a step to reducing the red tape for teachers from other states who move to IL. It will be easier for them to get an IL license.