Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Students help in wake of Gulf Coast storms

Hurricane victims in the South got some much needed help from students at one Louisiana school. Laura and Sally have been very destructive.

Student news roundup, Maryland, Sept. 16

The pandemic reveals much more about us than our unpreparedness for virtual learning; Md. students look at healthcare and choices about schooling.

Student news roundup, Illinois, Sept. 14

Special ed advocate in Evanston dies; Remembering 9/11; Business, fine arts, and cultural life during the pandemic.

Student news roundup, Illinois, Sept. 8

The pandemic, performing arts, and politics generally led student news stories from the Prairie State this past week.

High school football in 50 states

High-risk contact sports continue this fall in more than 30 states amid a global pandemic caused by a virus that we can't defeat.

Cyberattack chokes Miami-Dade

Virtual learning was halted as schools opened Monday in Miami, the result of a coordinated cyberattack. 16-year-old suspect arrested.

Teachers are resigning at higher rates

Because COVID-19 is a big stressor for students, families, businesses, and teachers, many leaders in business and education have resigned or closed.

NYC pushes back school start date

1.1 mil students in the nation's largest district will start in-person school on Sept 21, not on Sept 11, as schools prepare for their return to campus.

Student news roundup, Florida, Sept. 1

Schools in Florida are online for the most part as the 2020-21 school year begins, with some students reporting to campus along the Space Coast.

Student news roundup, Illinois, Aug. 31

Our robot found in student news reports several stories from Illinois last week about the pandemic and its effects, in school & out.