Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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MoCo doubles down on summer learning loss

Research is at least equivocal about summer learning loss, but maybe there's something to a new plan in Montgomery County, Md.

Pianos come to a Chicago park near you

Do you want to learn to play the piano despite not having access to one at home? Chicago parks have a possible solution.

Debate: Are summer service ‘vacations’ worth it?

Did you do any community service this summer in an area or community outside your own or out of your comfort zone?

Extra week of summer good in Ocean City

Schools in Md. have been ordered by the governor to start the school year after Labor Day. It works for business. Does it work for kids?

Camp keeps 400 Balto. students on academic track

Summer camps can help reduce the amount of "summer slide," the loss of learning that often accompanies young learners in the summer.

Will Md. students experience more summer slide?

We ask (and look to research seeking answers) whether Gov Larry Hogan's order for Md. schools to start after Labor Day will hurt students academically.

On year-round schooling’s impact on summer

One publisher in Baltimore wonders if we should have kids go to school year-round. It's worth the dialog, but it's a little complicated.

2012-13 US graduation rate is highest ever

US graduation rates were higher for the Class of 2013 than they have ever been, but gaps still exist and adjustments are being made.

Camp Invention inspires STEM in Indiana

A national summer camp focused on science and technology brought some learning fun to Indiana.

Campers learn new languages in Frederick Co.

A summer camp for Md. 3rd & 4th graders teaches them basic words in several foreign languages & expands their cultural understanding.