Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Police action follows Oaxaca teachers' protest

Education reform is coming to Mexico, and some entrenched teachers in poor communities don't want it. Police shut them down.

Chicago school debt turning to 'junk'

A bond rating service has downgraded debt assumed by Chicago Public Schools to junk status. This is becoming a habit.

Supreme Court to hear union fair-share fee case

If the Supreme Court makes it illegal to demand dues from non-members, will unions survive? Will instruction improve in our schools?

Rauner on teachers, unions, PARCC, etc.

Gov Bruce Rauner of IL blasted teachers' unions when he spoke at a seminar for education journalists in Chicago. The teachers' union responded.

Will Vt. ban teachers’ strikes?

Vermont is 1 of 13 states where teachers' strikes aren't completely illegal. But that might change this legislative season.

17 days of missed school as Waukegan strike drags on

Teachers have been on strike in Waukegan IL, forcing kids to be out of school and residents to become restless. (Update 10/30: Strike is over.)

Galesburg IL 15-day teachers’ strike settled

The teachers' strike in Galesburg IL has ended after 15 days. School will resume on Aug 29, and the football game against Moline will go on.

N.C. teachers #Decline2Sign a 25% contract

In North Carolina, a new law will allow teachers to give up their tenure in exchange for a $500 bonus, compounded each year of a 4-year contract, pending availability of funding.

ISBE extends accommodations for Dixon teachers’ strike

The teachers' strike in Dixon, Ill., now in its 9th day, has forced school officials, all the way up to the Assessment Division at the Illinois State Board of Education, to make special accommodations to give students every chance to complete state testing.

Teachers’ strikes are illegal in most states

In case you're wondering about the legality of teachers' strikes, they are legal in Illinois and 12 other states. But that's all, primarily because most state legislatures have put education on par with police and fire protection as essential services provided by government.