Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Biden’s teacher layoff number is likely false

The president-elect's claim that 666K teachers have been laid off during the pandemic is likely to be false.

Parents, teachers stressed with e-learning

The stresses of e-learning extend from teachers to parents, not to mention the loss of learning and other kid-based risks.

How not to encourage people to teach

How do you keep good teachers teaching during the pandemic? Look at what motivates them to teach in the first place. Start there.

Baltimore City Schools to lay off 450

Layoffs are coming to Baltimore City Schools due to a budget shortfall. Some teachers and teacher's assistants are included in the layoffs.

Teachers are resigning at higher rates

Because COVID-19 is a big stressor for students, families, businesses, and teachers, many leaders in business and education have resigned or closed.

It looks like this if teachers put research to practice

Teachers (& future professors) always try to reach students with innovative ideas. Here's a look at a few research-based approaches.

Can teachers do better with autistic kids?

Training teachers to support kids on the autism spectrum is a challenge, but some research suggests there may be ways.

Teachers often don’t report violence against them

A huge nationwide survey has revealed that teachers who are victimized by violence sometimes don't even report it to school officials.

Would arming teachers help?

Can we come up with a multi-faceted approach that could eventually lead to a way to cut down on school shooting deaths?

Delinquent behaviors reduced by diversity, inclusion

By looking at delinquent behavior among students, a new study out of Calif. suggests it's important to recruit (and keep) minority teachers.