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Survey points to what worries teens

Depressions & anxiety are among the primary stressors in teens' lives, according to a survey. They worry about other things, too.

Body shaming affects young people & can kill them

Body shaming and a negative body image can lead to depression, which can lead to other mental health issues, such as suicide.

We support Valerie’s Law, an IL anti-bullying measure

Would an IL law that makes it a misdemeanor for bullying have an impact at reducing the frequency of the destructive behavior?

Alarming numbers of teens cyberbully themselves

Digital "self-harm," a form of cyberbullying where teens send hurtful messages anonymously to themselves, is emerging as a concern.

Obit: Isaiah Gonzalez; Blue Whale suicide challenge

An online game, Blue Whale suicide challenge, makes its way around the US on social media; some kids have killed themselves while playing.

Bullying affects more than report cards

Bullying can affect more than academic performance, though its effects there have been documented. It can lead to suicide if not addressed.

What do you think will happen in 2017?

Educators from several US school districts make a few predictions for what they think 2017 will bring for the school community.

Sexual harassment common in middle school

Surveys in IL show sexual harassment and bullying is a pattern in middle school. About 43 of students said they were victims of some form of verbal sexual harassment.

Obituary: Brandy Vela, a suicide; cyberbullying

A high school senior in Houston shot herself to death on Dec. 1; reports suggest she was cyberbullied and couldn't take any more.

Computer may identify student at risk for suicide

A computer can be trained to distinguish between suicidal and non-suicidal word usage, and the application can possibly be used in schools.