Monday, September 25, 2023
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Student Suggests a Teen Vaping Solution Path

Teen vaping is getting worse, posing health risks to young people. Schools are trying to stop it, some more effectively than others.

Vaping use among high & middle schoolers ticks up

The use of vaping products decreased last year among middle and high school students, but it increased a little in 2022.

IL district joins JUUL Labs lawsuit

Disposable tobacco products also threaten student health. While the lawsuit is about money and resources, student safety is at the core.

Vaping in a Md. high school

Clarksburg HS, like others in Montgomery County and across the nation, has a vaping problem among its students.

Discussion continues over vaping by schoolchildren

A ban on vaping may be coming in many states, but it's being blocked by trade industry reps in others. It's bad for your health.