Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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President calls on U.S. to ‘pass school choice’

As expected, very little was said about education in the State of the Union address, & even less about DACA and school safety.

The people of Arizona say no to vouchers

Voters across the country had good news for schools, resoundingly defeating a voucher initiative in Ariz., and electing many pro-education governors.

N.H. voucher bill passes the state House

Vouchers are on their way in New Hampshire, as the state House comfortably approved a voucher bill earlier this month. Now it goes to the Senate.

New IL tax credit sends $36mil to private schools

Illinoisans can apply for a new tax credit when they donate up to $1 mil to private school scholarships; the change has its critics.

DeVos graduation speech in Baltimore draws protest

The US ed. sec. delivered a graduation speech at the U. of Baltimore Monday, but several people protested her appearance.

Emphatically, Douglas Co., Colo., condemns vouchers

School board elections in Douglas Co., Colo., were contentious and expensive. Voucher candidates were defeated.

Over anti-LGBT policy, a school loses voucher funds

A Lutheran school in Harford Co., Md., sacrificed state voucher funds because it has reserved the right to deny admission to LGBT students.

Hogan won’t sign ESSA plan for Maryland

Md.'s gov. wouldn't sign off on the state board's school accountability plan, but his objections were based on the use of standardized tests.

DeVos wants US to rethink schools’ mundane malaise

US Ed Sec'y Betsy DeVos said for too many kids, school is just a "mundane malaise" that hasn't been updated in at least 2 generations. Agree?

IL school funding resolution not all peaceful

A compromise was reached in the IL school funding fiasco, but one provision, a voucher program, troubles some educators and politicians.