Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Smoke from Calif. paints the East Coast sun

The sunrise this morning in Baltimore and Chicago was cooled by smoke from the Calif. wildfires, which created a thick haze aloft.

Worst Calif. wildfire season in decades

Wildfires in what could be one of Calif.'s worst autumns ever have destroyed structures, including schools, killed people, and mass evacuations.

Almost everything is closed in the cold

Cold weather, very cold weather in fact, has caused most schools, universities, etc., in northern IL to close Wed. & Thurs.

This is NOT the coldest it’s ever been

It's cold out there, but not quite the coldest it's ever been, however tempted you may be to use superlatives now & then.

U.S. tornado alley expands eastward

Research has detected a pattern in the occurrence of tornadoes related to climate change: 'Tornado Alley' is expanding.

Michael splinters homes, uproots trees, upends lives

Many schools in Florida are still closed after a deadly hurricane laid a path of destruction across much of the panhandle.

Hurricane Michael: Cat. 4 in Florida

Power losses and other damage on Florida's Gulf Coast from Hurricane Michael. Schools are closed through at least Thursday.

Tornadoes after Florence rip through central Virginia

Hurricane Florence and remnants thereof have left broad sections of the Carolinas and Virginia reeling in the aftermath.

Evacuations, closings, and delays in the Carolinas

Hurricane Florence makes landfall near Wilmington, NC. Evacuations and power outages are the first signs of danger.

Schools on the Gulf Coast close due to Gordon

A tropical storm, expected to increase to a Category 1 hurricane by Tuesday night, closes several schools in MS, AL, FL.