Friday, September 25, 2020
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DeVos considers non-college success paths

Providing options for post-secondary education that lead to successful lives is touted by Education Secretary-designate Betsy DeVos and a student in Illinois.

Cuba, immigration on the minds of Miami students

Students in Miami opine about immigration—in the US and around the world. What model should the US use, for example, in dealing with Cuba?

Hinsdale art tilts toward today’s troubles

An art show at Hinsdale Central put a lot of work, and emotion, in the creations. It made quite an impression, as many pieces dealt with contemporary issues.

College apps bring their fair share of stress

Applying to college is tough these days, and the process sometimes stresses students out, esp. the essays. Rejection can be worse, but there's hope.

Md. girl pepper sprayed; Chicago students react

Some Chicago high school students suggest ways police might better serve and protect citizens in our diverse communities.

St. Viator choir director brings faith to music

At a Catholic high school, it's easy to perform sacred music at a choir concert. Public schools, too, often perform sacred music. Good thing.

Reading for fun, a student takes no prisoners

How do you read "for fun," enjoyment, pleasure? Do you devour books? Or do you moan and groan every time you get an assignment to read?

Naperville senior would rather shoot than toot

2 HSs, one in Md., one in IL, are off to a great start in girls' basketball. Sometimes it's senior leadership. Other times, it's underclassmen who drive the intensity.

Antioch math fair brings new life to the subject

A math fair in far north-suburban IL makes math fun for elementary students & helps high schoolers develop communication & project building skills.

West Chicago science teacher interns at Fermilab

A summer internship gives teachers of science a great professional development opportunity, which explains how some teachers spend their summers.