Friday, November 27, 2020
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7th grader's new book draws on Welsh & Egyptian myth


Adjeoda Tekpor, now a seventh grader at Neelsville Middle School in Germantown, Md., extended an English assignment from his fifth-grade teacher at Fox Chapel Elementary into a 70-page book last summer. Then, his father had it published by a company in Bloomington, Ind., resulting in The Chronicles of Stranger.

The book opens:

A strange boy was born in Wales, a country in Europe near Ireland. He was named Un Rhyfedd, a Welsh name that can be translated to Strange One.

It turns out, Strange One’s mother, a Welsh woman, and father, an Egyptian man, were keeping a secret from him. They didn’t want him to find out that a pair of gods or demons, one Welsh and one Egyptian, was intent on destroying him. He even got struck by lightning once and survived. Anyway, his parents bring him to America, hopefully out of the reach of these evil demons.

The book, illustrated with some of Adjeoda’s own drawings, is available from Amazon, here. You can get the Kindle version for $3.99, but the paperback is currently priced at $15.99. The book comes with a handy pronunciation guide in the back, just in case your Welsh or Egyptian is a little rusty.

Adjeoda was born in Togo in West Africa and moved to the US in 2002 with his parents. When he was in third grade, he joined the Gifted and Talented Program at his elementary school, which led him to transfer to Fox Chapel. Besides The Chronicles of Stranger, Adjeoda has written several other stories, including one about an Indian tribe called the Kwakiutl, but these stories are still unpublished. He told the Gazette, here, that he also enjoys science and math.

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