$2,015 scholarship opportunity

Students entering their senior year of high school in the fall have until July 15 to apply for a one-time scholarship of $2,015 sponsored by Chegg Inc in Santa Clara, Calif., and announced through Zinch.com, a website that tries to connect students with scholarship opportunities.

You have to provide your GPA and write a “2-tweet” essay (280 characters or less) stating the unique qualities you bring to the Class of 2015.

The Zinch.com website may also have other scholarship opportunities available throughout the 2014-15 school year. The website prides itself on making the stressful activity of finding a college and finding a way to pay for it fun. “We let students connect with other students who are going through the same frustration, struggles and pains as they are. Hopefully that way the process can be a little bit easier,” the organization writes.

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