Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Do students prefer textbooks or tech?

Does tech improve learning? Or is it just the first step of many? Students and teachers may see the question differently.

Can you hack Kahoot? Many can and do

Gamification achieves a new level in millions of classroom around the world with Kahoot. That makes it a target.

So-called ‘personalized learning’ doesn’t add up

"Personalized learning" using technology to pace lessons as each student masters content is the right idea, but so far, nobody's cracked the code.

Facebook platform lets students set the pace

A partnership between Facebook and a charter school network in Silicon Valley has produced a Web platform that puts students in control.

Tech changes the experience in Md. schools

A near 1-to-1 technology initiative in Worcester Co., Md., aims to prepare students, by high school graduation, for college or the work force.

Digital device choice affects test scores

Students who take standardized high school tests online using tablets score lower than those who take the tests on laptops.

Quinn the robot teaches geometry in groups

A robot is helping students learn geometry. Research points us toward moving students into collaborative groups, away from 1-to-1 device use.

Digital divide leaves some 1-to-1 kids unconnected

We take a look at tech initiatives for learning in our schools and question whether this is really "personalized" learning or just "digital" learning.

Online writing tests favor the users

Using a computer to take tests may cause some unfairness between high-performing and other students, not only in math but in writing.

What might be more important than lockers?

A Va. H.S. has replaced lockers in several hallways with technology, such as charging stations, white boards, and other electronics students need today.