Monday, January 20, 2020
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Absenteeism may contribute to dropout rate

Reasons why kids miss school are complex and highly variable; let's address the problem and stop promoting misinformation with simple-minded ads.

Dirty clothes lead to absenteeism (NOT)

There are benefits to wearing clean clothes (reduced risk of skin infections & smelling bad). School attendance isn't a benefit.

Mentoring group to take part in 15th 9/11 anniversary

A partnership has formed to develop plans for the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in NY, Penn., and Washington on 9/11/01.

Run-down schools trigger low test scores

It's a chain reaction: If the cafeteria smells bad, kids call in "sick" and show a reduction in academic performance at those run-down schools.

Chronic absenteeism may hurt achievement gap

Chronic absenteeism starts young, and when it does, it blossoms into bigger problems, especially for minorities and poor students.

US to fight chronic absenteeism

The US Department of Education will develop a campaign to fight chronic absenteeism, and The Advertising Council gets the sole-source contract.

Flu surge attributable in part to doggy day care

Flu cases surged in the Midwest this past year. One cause of the spreading may have been doggy day cares that take care of many dogs each day.