Friday, September 17, 2021
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Racism lingers despite some positive signs

Racism and discrimination, whatever euphemism we decide to call it, will never disappear from America, opines one student.

ACT achievement gap (poverty) worse than feared

ACT data from the graduating class of 2016 show a wide achievement gap between white/Asian students and those from low-income familes. Anybody care?

Tests say girls are better readers than boys

Reported gender gaps in reading ability may be a reflection of tests that measure reading ability, incl. multiple-choice and essay questions.

Comparing quantities helps more than counting

New research from Vanderbilt shows that preschool math skills support 1st-grade math skills, which in turn support fifth-grade math knowledge.

Census Bureau posts ~100 statistics lesson plans

Learning about statistics is important in a world filled with questionable media accounts of trends. Statistics with real data is even better.

Will Md. students experience more summer slide?

We ask (and look to research seeking answers) whether Gov Larry Hogan's order for Md. schools to start after Labor Day will hurt students academically.

H.S. diplomas shouldn’t mean college-readiness

We should stop assuming high school graduation needs to be tied to college-readiness since, among other problems, the term can't actually be defined.

Failing schools bring out voters, but unequally

Inequity is promoted, not reduced, when school accountability results label schools as failing: voters turn out in White districts, not in Black.

Access to strong math content depends on wealth

A useless study, promoted by the Washington Post, says rich kids have access to better math curricula than poor kids.

Chronic absenteeism may hurt achievement gap

Chronic absenteeism starts young, and when it does, it blossoms into bigger problems, especially for minorities and poor students.