Sunday, March 7, 2021
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New year renews the ban-smartphone debate

Addictive apps on smartphones have changed the way many school hallways and classrooms look: like the rest of the world.

Smartphone addiction linked to chemical imbalance

Being "addicted" to a smartphone or the internet can be linked to a chemical imbalance in the brain, new research suggests.

Ohio school hears a sad message about opioids

Drug overdose deaths are surging in the US, and that's a problem on many levels. It hits high schools hard, both for families and friends of those addicted.

Opioid addiction is a winnable war: Sessions

New prosecutors have been sent out by the Trump administration to 12 districts around the country in order to win the war against opioid addiction.

Students share thoughts on opiate addiction

What do high school students think about the nationwide heroin problem, which often starts for them with prescription painkillers?

Teen athletes at risk of opioid addiction

It's not a good problem, for doctors or politicians, that high school athletes become addicted to painkillers and sometimes take a turn for the worse.

Mice remember well where they get high

Even if key areas of the brain are dysfunctional, mice can learn to associate smell and look of a location with the availability of cocaine.

More grandmoms raising kids. Why? Opioids.

Addiction to prescription painkillers and other opioids, including heroin, causes situations where children are raised by grandparents.

Study links school sports & gambling

High school students involved in competitive sports are more likely to develop an addiction to gambling, a study out of Israel suggests.