Sunday, March 7, 2021
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AP, IB, and the pros of rigorous high school study

Taking more rigorous courses in high school, such as AP courses or the IB programme, makes for more challenge, less boredom, and other benefits.

Arson & a stolen violin, etc., in Maine Twp.

A former music student allegedly steals a violin; someone sets a fire in a women's restroom; all 3 high schools make a list published by the Washington Post.

Baltimore's AP summer program may be cut

A summer program for advanced (AP) students at a high school in Baltimore City may fall victim to the budget ax this year. We hope that doesn't happen.

Changing class grades based on AP exam scores

Final 4 Part 2: A high GPA will help you get into the Univ. of Fla., and some high schools in the state try to help good AP students.

Comparing Maryland & Illinois AP participation rates

In terms of Advanced Placement participation, schools in Maryland far outpace those in Illinois, and we wonder why.