Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Heat will keep 10 Baltimore Co. schools closed Tues.

Hot weather and the lack of A/C in 10 Baltimore Co. public schools will keep them closed on what was to be the 1st day.

Hot schools need air conditioning. Period.

If classrooms are too hot, students don't learn so well. A recent study shows that even for healthy kids, A/C is required if it's hot.

27 ways heat waves can kill you

Heat is dangerous, and doctors in Hawaii have identified 27 different mechanisms it can kill you during more frequent summer heat waves.

The weather inside a Baltimore classroom: 102°F

It's too hot in at least 1 Baltimore City h.s. for kids to stay focused and learn. The Baltimore Sun has the story in today's edition.

Baltimore schools getting a/c, money: comptroller

Baltimore Co. and Balto. city got some school construction money last month at the annual beg-a-thon, thanks to plans to install air conditioning.

Revolutionary fabric from Stanford cools like A/C

Air conditioning is needed to keep us cool, but could a new fabric, developed at Stanford, cool us as efficiently?

Heat closure rules and events in 2 states

Baltimore County closed 37 schools due to heat on 2 of the first 4 days; Champaign Central HS in IL also sent kids home early due to heat.

Baltimore Co. adopts new heat closure policy

A/C in the summer heat, or the lack thereof, in schools is a problem, and the school board says it will close schools if the temps get too hot.

Hogan says Balto. Co. schools should have A/C

The Md. governor wants to hear from Baltimore County officials why so many so many students are still sweating to death in Baltimore Co. schools.

Hard to learn in the heat of Baltimore Co.

The suffocating heat in classrooms in 1 Baltimore County school (and others) makes even the simplest tasks difficult.