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Algebra 1 PARCC question: rate of change

In word problems, we compute the rate of change, the cost per pound, the number of cats we just have to buy, and lots of other quantities.

Algebra 1 PARCC question: multiply binomials

You can use the FOIL method to multiply 2 binomials. It works for certain cases, but learning how to apply the distributive property is better.

Algebra 1 PARCC question: graph y=mx+b

It's possible to estimate the solution to a system of linear equations by graphing them on a coordinate plane. Here's PBA #4.

Algebra 1 PARCC question: quadratic zeros

It's possible to find the zeros of a quadratic function (a parabola) by factoring it, provided there are real zeros for the function.

Algebra 1 PARCC question: linear functions

How do you spot a "linear function" when given a table of values, a graph, a word problem, or an equation?